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6 Ways to Prevent and Overcome Erections While Fasting

Ways to Prevent and Overcome Erections While Fasting

Erection while fasting makes you worry about breaking your fast. There is something you can do to prevent sudden erections during fasting, such as meditating and distracting yourself.

During Ramadan, you may be wondering if an erection invalidates the fast? To be safe, you should really need to avoid things that might break your fast, such as an erection due to physical stimulation.

However, sometimes erections occur without being prevented. So, how to overcome an erection when fasting and how to prevent it?

Erection during fasting can occur suddenly.

Early in life, an erection signifies healthy bodily functions, especially in the reproductive organs. Erections can occur several times a day.

In adulthood, erection or penile tension usually occurs when a man is sexually aroused.

Sometimes an erection can occur even when a man doesn’t want love, aka suddenly. An erection while fasting can certainly make your fasting worship so unfocused.

In general, there are 3 types of erections that you need to know, among others:

  • Reflexogenic, which occurs due to touch
  • Psychogenic, which occurs as a result of audiovisual stimulation or physical fantasies.
  • Nocturnal, which occurs when a man is sleeping

Testosterone plays a role in erection. When an erection occurs, a small amount of blood flows into the penis, hormones, muscles, and nerves. This makes the penis tense and stiff.

Sudden erections can occur due to fluctuations in testosterone, even without sexual stimulation. Erectile Dysfunction in the morning usually occurs because of this.

Erections during fasting that occur suddenly can not only interfere with your worship but also include an embarrassing experience, especially if it happens in public.

If this happens often, not infrequently indicate a physical disorder.

How to prevent an erection while fasting

Although an erection during fasting can appear suddenly, there are steps to prevent it.

Some ways to prevent as well as overcome an erection that occurs suddenly include:

  1. Waiting quietly

The simplest way to deal with unwanted erections is to wait until the reaction goes away on its own.

  1. Meditation

Meditation with breathing exercises slowly and repeatedly can also overcome an erection that comes suddenly during fasting.

  1. Diverting thoughts

Diverting the mind from things that can stimulate or excite can overcome and prevent erections when fasting occurs. Try to focus on something else, such as singing or solving a puzzle.

Keep yourself busy with other activities so that the mind is not focused on sexual stimulation.

  1. Changing position

Changing positions can also overcome unwanted erections. For example, changing the sitting position to standing, or vice versa.

You can also move from one place to another.

  1. Light exercise

Light exercise can help you get rid of unwanted erections while fasting. Jogging or cycling can be light and simple exercises that you can try.

In addition, regular light exercise can also support your overall health, including the health of the reproductive organs. Cenforce 100 mg and Cenforce 200 mg can prevent you from the sexual disorders in men.

  1. Take a shower with cold water or warm water

Bathing with cold water or warm water can also be a simple way to overcome an erection that occurs while fasting. This method has been trusted by the public as a traditional way of getting rid of erections in some men. vidalista 20, vidalista 60, fildena 100 to prevent and overcome erections.


Not only due to sexual stimulation, but erections can also occur suddenly due to fluctuations in testosterone in the body. Erection while fasting can certainly interfere with your worship. You need to know aurogra 100 to prevent and overcome unexpected erections.

To get rid of unwanted erections, you can try waiting quietly, diverting your thoughts, meditation, changing positions, light exercise, to bathing with warm or cold water.

Having an erection several times a day is typical for men.

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