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Erectile dysfunction caused by Stress

Erectile dysfunction caused by Stress | TrustedMedsWorld

Erectile dysfunction which can also caused by stress, so it is important to know about same.
The medical term for the inability or incapability to obtain or maintain an erection is erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence. Although it is not often discussed, ED is quite common, particularly in middle and old age. Doctors believe that most men will experience it at some point.
Many factors can contribute to the development of ED, which is one of the reasons it is so common. For example, a temporary cause of difficulty obtaining an erection may be feeling extremely tired after a work day or drinking too much alcohol.
An underlying physical condition or ongoing emotional health issue is more likely to be the cause if you have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection during sex.
Stress is a prevalent cause of ED, both long-term and short-term.

Is stress a factor in the development of erectile dysfunction?

One of the most typical things to understand about stress is that its effects are both physical and psychological. The impact of ongoing stress can include a wide range of symptoms that can combine to cause problems both inside and outside the bedroom. These include the following:


Low mood

Trouble sleeping


Chest pains


Constipation or diarrhea

It is also essential to understand that an erection requires sexual stimulation. In times of Stress, you may lose your sex drive and therefore find it more challenging to get excited enough for sex. Thus, even if you successfully obtain an erection, you may have difficulty maintaining it.
Stress can also lead to a downward spiral of worsening symptoms. The experience of ED due to stress can result in more stress since you are concerned about “failing to perform.” As a result of this performance anxiety, your symptoms may worsen, making it more difficult for you to break free of the cycle.

Depression and anxiety

Stress is not considered a medical condition, but if you experience stress continuously for an extended period, anxiety or depression may develop. Sexual dysfunction is known to be a symptom of both of these conditions – typically, there is a decrease in the sexual drive due to these conditions.

Treatment of ED caused by stress

Your approach to stress-related ED will depend on the underlying cause.
It is simply a matter of “waiting it out” if you have temporarily lost interest in sex due to a particularly stressful period (e.g., preparing for an Interview or exam, moving house, or applying for a promotion). After a stressful period has passed, your sexual drive and ability to get an erection may return to normal.
It may be necessary to take more proactive steps to address stress if it has become a significant feature of your daily life, such as ongoing work commitments. Unfortunately, pressure cannot be diagnosed or treated, but several resources can help you cope.
The Mental Health Foundation of Canada recommends that you seek advice from your physician at starting phase, as they may be able to refer you for counseling or prescribe medication if necessary.
Making changes in your life may also assist you in managing your stress more effectively. For example, you can take more time for yourself during the week or speak with your employer about reducing some of your responsibilities at work.
Check out Mind’s stress guides for more information about coping with stress.

An overview of ED medications

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction due to ongoing stress, you may consider taking an ED tablet like Cenforce 100, Vidalista 60, Sildalist 120 or Fildena 150. The purpose of ED tablets is to prevent erectile dysfunction before sex. An erection is obtained by temporarily promoting or increasing blood flow to the penis.
You can obtain a prescription for ED tablets from your physician. In addition, you may order ED tablets through our secure online ED clinic. It is possible to purchase Viagra Connect over-the-counter in pharmacies, but you will need to speak with a pharmacist first.
One thing to remember is that ED tablets will only be effective if you can get sexually aroused. Therefore, if you are struggling with your sexual drive or are no longer attracted to your partner, tablets may not be a good choice. Alternatively, you may wish to consider relationship counseling or sex therapy with an organization such as Relate.

Choosing the right time to consult a physician

A visit to your physician is recommended if you are unsure what is causing your ED and if it persists. There is a possibility that the cause of erectile dysfunction is stress. There are, however, many physical health conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction.
You can rule out severe conditions like diabetes and heart disease by visiting your physician for some tests. Additionally, your doctor will be able to provide you with advice regarding how to cope with stress.

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